Self-storage solutions in Ocean Grove

February 14, 2014

Through alliances with storage providers in the Ocean Grove region we are able to offer self-storage solutions for people on the move.

If there is a lag between moving from one house to the next and you are staying with relatives or renting short term, you will no doubt need to store your furniture until you can move everything into your new home. If you are renting short term – i.e. if you are building a house or waiting for a settlement period to end – it is unlikely you will need all of your furniture and it makes it twice as hard to move it again.

Self-storage is a secure and convenient option with 24-hour access available upon request. Depending on the provider, you can store your boats, caravans and all household furniture and items.

Contact Bellarine Furniture Removals for more information or to request a quote for self-storage in Ocean Grove district.