Leopold furniture removals: How to transport your TV safely

April 15, 2014

We regularly service clients for removals to and from Leopold – the gateway to the rest of the Bellarine Peninsula. Leopold as a residential area has grown rapidly over the past decade and is continuing to do so with many new housing estates open for house and land packages.

When providing our removals service, we have come to notice that many clients struggle with how to safely pack and transport their plasma TV. Of course we can help with sourcing materials to safely package your TV and certainly move it, or you can follow our handy DIY steps for re-packaging and moving your TV.

More people have access to large plasma, flat screen, and LCD TVs as technology improves and prices drop. It’s not unusual for many households to have a 42, 50, 55, or 60 inch plasma TV hanging in a prime position on a wall in the main lounge room.

Hanging on the wall, taking up very little space, why would you keep that bulky box it came in? But what happens if you go to move house and need to transport your large, yet delicate TV across town?

If you no longer have the box your TV came in, follow these steps for a fool-proof way to box up your TV for moving:

  1. Using a soft, lint-free cloth such as a large chamois, completely cover the screen of your TV.
  2. Securely wrap your entire TV in two layers of thick bubble wrap and secure with a piece of tape.
  3. Using Styrofoam sheets (as thick as you can find, or again do a double layer), line the walls of a suitably sized box – making sure there’s enough room to fit the TV once you’ve added the protective sheets.
  4. Gently sit your TV in the box and fill the space surrounding the TV with Styrofoam pieces, ensuring there are no gaps and it is relatively well packed in without putting a huge amount of pressure on the TV.
  5. Tightly tape the box up and have some large blankets at the ready if you need further padding on the outside of the box!

Tip: Remember to always keep your TV upright, even if you don’t have the stand, don’t ever lay it on its side!

Make sure you label the box as fragile, to keep it upright at all times, and not to put anything on top of the box. For Leopold removals, please contact us.