How many boxes will I need to move?

June 26, 2014

This is a question we often get asked by clients when they book us to move them from A to B.

We provide removals in Queenscliff and right across the Bellarine Peninsula. It’s a beautiful part of the world with coastal views and access, quaint shops, fine dining and a rich history. It’s no surprise many people move here for the relaxed and charming lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle change, moving house – and indeed towns – is one way to achieve better balance. So how many boxes will you need to get started?

There is no one-size-fits-all calculation to get the magic answer to this question, but there is a method which requires you to take your own inventory. It’s simple and easy to do, we’ve provided a list of steps of to help you estimate how many packing cartons you will need:

  1. Grab a notepad and pen and choose which room you will take stock of first. Write the name of the room at the top of the page, i.e. “lounge room”.
  2. Start at one side of the room and work your way across, looking through all displayed and stored items, i.e. photo frames hanging on walls and trinkets hiding in cupboards.
  3. As you go, think about how much will fit into a box, or if the room has a lot of fragile items that wouldn’t necessarily fill a box but would need their own box so they don’t get crushed. Furniture and large items obviously don’t need to be boxed, so you may find you don’t have as many things that need to be boxed as you first thought.
  4. Make a list for each room of the things that need to be boxed, and estimate how many boxes per “category” in each room, i.e. “books” as a category may need approximately two boxes, and DVDs may need one.
  5. Go through each room in the house and categorise what needs to be boxed, then look at the volume and estimate how many boxes may be needed per category.
  6. Next to each category decide if the box needs to be small, medium or large and write it next to each category, i.e. for kitchen appliances you might write “two mediums boxes, one large” as your estimate.
  7. After you have gone through each room, add up how many of each size you need.

Now you are ready to source your packing cartons and start packing! Now is also a great time to go through your items and decide what you and don’t want to keep. Items that can go can be sold or donated to charity.

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