Heritage furniture removals in Queenscliff

October 17, 2014

Queenscliff is a beautiful coastal town with seaside views and gorgeous heritage-style buildings, making it a popular place to visit and peaceful place to live. In fact the area is so well known for its heritage buildings that the local government developed the Queenscliff Heritage Advisory Service and Restoration Fund to assist and encourage people to respect and protect the style reminiscent of the area and its history. Home and business-owners alike have embraced the history and heritage of their town and many buildings are also furnished with pieces to suit this style. As a local removalist service we operate in and around Queenscliff, providing furniture removals for residential and commercial clients.

If you’re moving from Queenscliff and need to transport heavy, yet delicate, heritage-style or antique furniture, we are experienced and will provide careful and efficient removals. We’ve moved all kinds of pieces over the years, from grand pianos through to antique bed-heads, classic pool tables, solid dining tables, heirloom armchairs and much more. While all our clients’ belongings are important and valuable, we also recognise some furniture is simply invaluable and irreplaceable due to its historic nature.

We’ll take the utmost care when we move your special pieces into our vans, ensuring they are protected from movement and other furniture in the van during the trip. Our removals service is renowned for our experience and expertise acquired over many years in the industry. If you’re feeling anxious about how to move antique or heritage-style furniture, please contact us for Queenscliff removals and let us ease your mind!