Removalists helping Leopold residents move in and out

December 5, 2014

Our removalists service Leopold and surrounding areas, ensuring your belongings are transferred from A to B in a timely fashion. This includes dropping off and picking up your goods from storage.

When you’re moving home, not everyone is fortunate enough to move out of one residence and straight into the next. Often there is a lapse between moving out of one home and into the next. In fact, it’s rare that settlement dates match up so perfectly as to allow this!

While storage is convenient for this period between settling into your new place, dropping your items off and picking them up is anything but. You might not realise, but your removalists in Leopold can drop your items at storage, pick them up for you and then deliver them to your new address. All you need to do is provide the following information:

  • Your move out date
  • The address of your storage location – we can organise this for you too
  • The date you want us to pick up your items
  • The address of your final location.

Contact us to book our removalists in Leopold. We’ll happily take the stress out of moving your belongings anywhere you need them to go.