Do you need a furniture removalist in Ocean Grove?

February 26, 2015

Retreating to a holiday home over December and January is a truly wonderful way to spend the summer months. The days are long, the weather warm and this glorious time seems to have no end in sight.

Now we’re nearly at the end of February. School routines are firmly back in place, the morning rush out the door to work rolls from one day to the next and weekend sojourns to the beach have come to an abrupt end, at least for the time being!

If you need to vacate your holiday house until next summer to take advantage of a long-term rental over the cooler months, call the furniture removalist Ocean Grove holiday-makers rely upon – Bellarine Peninsula Removals and Self Storage. Our efficient and experienced team can help to move your personal belongings and important pieces of furniture you would like carefully put away while renting out the house. There might be personal items and furniture that is precious to you and not something you want left in the house while you are not living there yourself. Do you have room at your home to store these items or do you need to find an alternate solution? Bellarine Peninsula Removals and Self Storage have the space you need. We have storage space for anything from a handful of boxes to a house full of furniture and belongings.

Do you need help to pack up your holiday house too? If you have already relocated from your holiday house back to your home, take advantage of the professional packing services we offer. Our team can carefully pack anything from fragile items to kitchen utensils, books and clothing. Furniture can also be wrapped to protect it when in storage.

For a professional and affordable removalist service, contact Bellarine Peninsula Removals and Self Storage.