Greater Ocean Grove Removals And Storage News

Self-storage solutions in Ocean Grove

February 14, 2014Through alliances with storage providers in the Ocean Grove region we are able to offer self-storage solutions for people on the move. If there is a lag between moving from one house to the next and you are staying with relatives or renting short term, you will no doubt need to store your furniture until...
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Drysdale furniture removals

January 14, 2014Reasons for moving home There are many reasons people move home including personal, professional and otherwise. Some common reasons people move home include: Sea-change or change of scenery. Some people simply need a fresh start and moving town is a great way to achieve this. Schools, universities and other infrastructure. Many people move when they...
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Removalists Ocean Grove

December 18, 2013Why you should label boxes If you’ve never moved house before, it might seem like a waste of time labelling boxes. You’ll remember what’s what and what’s where! You did pack it after all… Right? However, upon arrival at your new home, when someone asks for the kettle to make a cuppa or a roll...
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